KLEAR Teaching Methodology

KLEAR has developed an atmosphere and a teaching methodology based on the principles of Paulo Freire and Carl Rogers. In practical terms, this means it is a supportive, accessible, friendly place for students who invariably settle into and enjoy the learning.

When learning and friendliness combine, they create a setting very different to the memories some adults have of their schooldays. Tutors are interviewed for their suitability for the specialised job of working with adults on a basis of equality and mutual respect.


KLEAR aims to reflect in its provision the following principles:

  • To provide a second chance for those who missed out first time round;
  • To operate in a supportive atmosphere that is non-formal, non-competitive and non-threatening;
  • To provide appropriate and flexible progression routes;
  • To give equal respect to all types of intelligence;
  • To value each level of learning equally;

To be a place where adults can find personal and emotional space.